Mr. Foley’s Old School Hip-Hop Playlist

An uncanny resemblance

There are lots of things that make Mr Foley unique. His contagious kind heartedness, his experience in Japanese business, and his uncanny resemblance to Kermit the Frog, just to name a few. What you may not have known about the head of the CFL, however, is that he is an avid fan of old school hip hop. I know it’s hard to imagine that such a nice-looking and professional teacher could even think about listening to NWA, but I assure you, underneath the facade of the unassuming brown suits and neat haircuts, there is a bold and brash Philly native waiting to spit heat. Not only is Mr. Foley a fan of old school hip hop, but he has some pretty divisive ideas on the genre. Next time you see him make sure to ask about his opinion of Dr Dre’s The Chronic. You’re sure to get a valuable lesson that you may not expect from a Swarthmore grad that looks like he could burst out singing Rainbow Connection at any moment.


Without further ado, click here for Mr Foley’s definitive hip hop playlist. Let the record show that The Sentinel fully endorses a “fight the power” chant next time Mr Foley is making an announcement during town meeting.


-Charlie Schlinkert, Music Editor

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