Flax and Co. Announce “Non-Musical” Coffee House

Hey SLS, it’s time to throw down your textbooks and pick up some musical instruments! Done that? Good! Now throw those away too and pick up a pen and pencil. That’s right, for the first time in St. Luke’s history, the powers that be (English teachers) have decided to make the upcoming Coffee House a bastion of poetry and short stories rather than a haven for music.

For the first time in school history, Mr. Flachsbart's fiddle is likely to be a no-show at Coffee House

The goal of the change is undoubtedly a noble one. In the words of Mr. Flaschbart, “We are putting less emphasis on music this time around so that others can have their fair share of the spotlight. I love musical Coffee Houses but I also think we need to give our young poets and writers a chance to shine.“ Mr. Flaschbart went on to say that there would be another coffee house the following week that would be open to musicians and poets alike. It seems like this compromise is more than enough to appease musicians like Kamau Burton who is “looking forward to a nice change of pace.”

With the coffee house only a week away things seem to be going very well as far as a roster goes. Due in part to Emily Bergmann and her horde of lit mag minions, there have already been many poetry and literary submissions. Furthermore, due to popular demand, the Coffee House next week will also incorporate a wider range of performers and presenters than ever before. Can you stand on your head and recite the preamble? Can you juggle 7 bananas and a bowling ball? Then you may well be qualified for a spot in this upcoming Coffee House. Although many have already signed up to share their works and/or talents, there is always room for more presenters who aren’t afraid to stand for a brief moment in the limelight in order to showcase their poetic mastery. We at The Sentinel strongly encourage those on the fence about presenting to throw caution to the wind, pick up a pen, and to start writing an ode to a Grecian vase or what have you.

Although this new concept of a non-musical coffeehouse may seem odd to some, if given a chance it could clearly benefit the SLS community by showcasing a wider range of talents within the student body. In the (sort of) words of Biggie Smalls, “Now (you can be) in the lime light because (you) rhyme tight.” And while you may not get paid, your glory will never fade.

-Mac Zech, Staff Writer

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