St. Luke’s Announces Switch to Google Apps

Have you ever forgotten that you had a test in the morning? Experienced a sudden realization that a looming exam will postpone your bed time? Quickly, you would rush to the computer and attempt to open FirstClass to ask your teacher if you could meet in the morning to go over some of the material. But when you click on the application, you find the server is down, ruining a chance to get some extra help. This, or a similar scenario, has happened to almost every student in the upper school and quite frankly, it has been quite a nuisance.

Finally, after years of countless problems, St. Luke’s School’s e-mail client FirstClass will be removed and replaced by the more efficient Google Apps for Education. FirstClass has been the e-mail client standard for a number of years especially within private schools; however, as Ms. Preston told the Sentinel in an interview, “FirstClass has failed to keep up with the times.” Indeed, the difference between Gmail and FirstClass is comparable to that of a new Macbook Pro and a Macintosh 128K (the first ever Mac computer). In other words, FirstClass has become painfully obsolete. The ranging issues include user account storage space to the pestering school mailboxes. Within the past week, the FirstClass server has been down twice for several hour long periods, a true inconvenience. Within the upcoming months, Google Apps will be able to solve these problems and offer tools for both the students and faculty.

Given the above, one might ask why St. Luke’s hasn’t adopted a more current e-mail client already. Well, this ‘switch’ isn’t as simple as it sounds. In fact, Mr. D’agostin, Mr. Clark, Mr. Bruner, and Ms. Preston have been working tirelessly to create an effective new interface for students and teachers to take advantage of the utilities that Google Apps offers.  Ms. Preston told the Sentinel that, “The ‘final straws’ for this cross-over came from, one, the increase in innovation of Google Apps, and, two, the new developments for the Application Protocol Interface between Whipple Hill and Google.” According to these technological gurus, the St. Luke’s website will merge portal and e-mail log-ins to what is to be known as the “single log in.” This ‘clutterfree’ solution also provides integration of school and class groups into the Google Apps to create a more collaborative interface for teachers and students alike. St. Luke’s email addresses will not change as a result of this switch. The Google Apps have grown significantly in popularity over the recent years, especially among students. Google Apps provide Gmail users with free access to various word processors, slide show programs, and spreadsheet applications that are totally web-based. Google Docs, for examples, provides a free text editor that can be written on, added to, and edited in real time with anyone who has a Gmail account. There are also chat boxes on the side that can come in handy for discussion when other members of the Document are online. Gmail also offers 1 gigabyte of free storage for all messages and application data. All in all, the switch to Google Apps will make studying and school work much more efficient.

Starting in March, St. Luke’s Google Apps accounts will be up and running. As with any new technological system, the Google Apps accounts may take some time to get used to. The faculty members spearheading this change have planned accordingly. Various information sessions will be available to show how to take full advantage of Google’s utilities. Hopefully, Gmail will solve the problems of the unreliable FirstClass and catalyze a whole new and efficient method of communication and education.

– Tommy Champion, Staff Writer

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