Children Online Comes to SLS

Our generation is constantly being told by parents and teachers how dangerous the Internet and technology can be. For us, this is old news, so when it was announced in town meeting that the “Children Online” organization was coming to St. Luke’s School, most of us didn’t care, but were happy to miss a class.

For all those who are wondering what Children Online is – it’s an organization that provides students with information and advice on how to safely integrate technology into their lives. Founded by Doug Fodeman and Marje Monroe, Children Online has extensively researched the effects of technology on children. Children Online will be hosting workshops here at St. Luke’s on Wednesday. Their site provides more information about their research with excerpts from their regular newsletters.

Are you safe on the Internet?

To learn more about this program and why SLS chose it, we spoke with Jim Foley, Director of the Center for Leadership.

Sentinel: Who invited Children Online to come to SLS?

Jim Foley: It was a joint undertaking by the Center for Leadership and the Health and Life Skills Department. I was involved, as well as Ms. Wagner, Ms. Bueckman, and Mrs. Demarco-Havens. We had wanted to work with the entire SLS community regarding how kids are spending their lives online, as well as to raise awareness among the teachers, parents, and students about technology. A few teachers identified Children Online as a good organization with lots of experience.

S: Why do SLS students need to be concerned with cyber safety?

JF: I think it’s more than just cyber safety. It’s about technology in general, and how this generation of students is growing up online and spending much of their time on the Internet. However, the Internet has also improved our lives in many ways, which is important to keep in mind throughout all of this.

S: Can you tell us what the Children Online program is about?

JF: I myself have not attended one of their events, but I have heard many great testimonials. It’s supposed to be interactive and fun.

S: What do you hope the SLS community will take away from this experience?

JF: I hope that our community will try to become more conscious and intentional users of technology.

–Khush Dhaliwal & Maria Juran, Staff Writers

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