Behind The New Food Delivery Ban

Walk into the cafeteria after lunch on any given day. Chances are, you’ll find countless half eaten Chicken Joe’s bags, pizza boxes left open on the tables, and bottles of Coke and Pepsi scattered throughout the room. Walk out the double doors of the lobby anytime between 11:00 and 1:05 and you’re likely to come across at least one delivery car parked at the curb, awaiting the recipients of a large box of ‘za, and perhaps a side order or two of garlic knots. There’s no denying the fact that SLS students of all ages love their takeout. Whether whipping out their phones and dialing for delivery between classes or paying off their elder seniors (with commission of course) to pick up their order in town, kids can’t seem to escape their desire to eat non-school food during the school day. Recently, however, the SLS administration has noticed this popular trend spiraling out of control and has decided to put its foot down and outlaw outside food orders once and for all. Beginning this Monday, January 8th, students will no longer be permitted to order delivery or to bring back the food they purchase off campus.            

Mr. Yavenditti and the other members of the administration enact this policy with great regret, stating, “we know it won’t be the most popular policy, but it’s important to make sure our students are safe.” The are many reasons for the ban, the most pressing of which is the issue of students with fatal food allergies. There is no way to ensure that every order brought into the building is free of allergens; Saint Luke’s cannot possibly, for instance, call up every local Asian Cuisine and request that they leave out peanut oil in their cooking altogether. It is important to recognize and respect this tremendous safety issue; it is Saint Lukes’ responsibility to protect the health and safety of each and every student, including those with food allergies. Mr. Yavenditti emphasizes that there has been no specific incident leading to this act, nor did it originate from a request by a particular SLS family or student. Rather, this issue was one brought up by the SLS administration alone, and the decision was concluded upon by the adults in the building, free of involvement from the rest of the community.

Another issue leading to the ban on outside food deliveries is the problematic neglect of these deliveries that has recently escalated. Oftentimes, students will call up an order to be delivered and then fail to meet the delivery person outside when the food actually arrives. This leads the delivery people to enter into the lobby of the school, troubling Mrs. Genovese at the front desk with the forgotten food. Not only does this leave Mrs. Genovese in an uncomfortable position, as she must inform the delivery person that she cannot provide the money to pay for the food, but also it must be noted that these people are required to deduct the money for this neglected food from their own paychecks, which is entirely unfair. Oftentimes, moreover, when the students are actually present to receive and pay for their food delivery, they fail to leave an acceptable tip for the delivery person, if any at all. On one occasion, a student actually went as far as to say “I’ll take care of you next time,” leaving out a tip altogether. Not only is this unethical, but it also gives SLS students a bad reputation as far as character is concerned, which we all know is far from the true nature of our SLS community.

With numerous different delivery people entering into the building every day, an issue of security also arises, as there is no way to monitor every individual who enters the school. Safety is the primary issue in all respects, and Saint Luke’s has no choice but to address the wellbeing of its students and faculty.

In terms of dealing with this unfortunate yet necessary policy, we must also remember that the employees of Flick dining services in our own cafeteria work incredibly hard each day to prepare lunches that both the students and faculty will enjoy. After all their hard work preparing our food, it is both inconsiderate and disrespectful to bring in bags upon bags of Chicken Joes takeout to eat right in front of their faces. SLS students here on the hilltop have far too much respect and good character to act in this way.

To my fellow seniors out there: we all know that accepting this dictate will be both difficult and heart-wrenching, but we must try our best to accept the fact that the administration is in no way seeking to strip us of our senior privileges. We are still encouraged to utilize our off campus abilities and to enjoy our Chicken Joes and sushi orders as often as we like. We are simply being asked to consume our delicious meals before entering back through the lobby doors. If we so desire to order takeout from a restaurant without seating amenities, the administration politely reminds us that eating in our cars is, in fact, a viable alternative. For those non-seniors out there, it is recognized that this policy will be even more difficult for you to accept, and for this the administration genuinely apologizes. On the bright side, however, this rule will undoubtedly heighten the glory of your off-campus abilities once you do become seniors. Being the only students with the privilege to consume outside of school food during the school day will feel like a genuine entitlement rather than a mere extra bonus.

As frustrating and unsatisfactory as this policy may be, it has been made clear that there really isn’t an opportunity for debate. An Email has already been sent home to parents, and Mr. Yavenditti plans to announce the rule at Town Meeting. Failure to comply with the policy will land you right in Mr. Yavenditti’s office, so please, SLS, be wise and forget those lunchtime fries.

Caroline Hopkins, School News Editor

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