Pendulum Corner: December 2011

Welcome to a new recurring segment, entitled “Pendulum Corner.” Once a month, we will be displaying a piece of literature from our sister-publication, the St. Luke’s Pendulum Literary Magazine. We will be coordinating with Editor Emily Bergmann each month to bring you the most creative and interesting pieces that the magazine has to offer. These pieces may or may not appear in the Pendulum’s year end magazine. Without further ado, here is the first showcased piece, a poem by junior Tommy Champion. 

In the Old Oak Tree and the Red Stable

by Thomas Champion

His arms are so little, each day
The dawn beams bright as it moves on its way
To when the sun drizzles warm
Through its calming golden rays…

Men are laughing, smoking cigars
As they talk about golf and new sport cars

And he feels your smile
As it kisses him sweetly mild
He shakes off his fluttering butterflies
“It’s okay to be nervous for a little while”

So they ran to that old Oak Tree
With its leaves radiant and yellow bumblebees
So he felt happy and blissfully ignorant
She says, “Please, don’t go home in the dark without me”…

The women sip their pink cocktails
Wondering when their Prince Charmings will come to begin their own fairy tales

And the dew dropped onto their cheeks
They giggled and basked in its splendor for weeks
Within their own secret and special meadow
Through their innocent gaze was how they would speak

And they slept in the Red Stable,
And chattered about the Youthful fables,
Where he knew he had a friend
So he put his heart on her mahogany table…

The couples get ready to take their dances
With grown distaste, and all of those uncomfortable stances

So he grew long and thin
And combed, counted, and caressed the hairs on his chin
But left that Oak Tree and that Red Stable
And his early love; so how does he begin?…

The orchestra commences their long decrescendo
Eerily reminiscent of what was lost long ago

To talk of investments, lawsuits, and Broadway shows
Oh the riveting plot line of Anything Goes
And to say “wasn’t that splendid darling?”
But he doesn’t have to say it, she already knows…

Complaints while out to dinner about the Johnsons’ ostentatious fling
Oh damn, we forgot to feed the dog, why’d you ever buy that thing?

With his socks, shirt, suit, and his drink,
Let them all grow merrier as the Night ages so he will perpetually sink
And he will never ever have to remember
That warm Oak Tree and the Red Stable, only to the Night he shall think…

The man and woman get undressed and trepidaciously fall into bed
Magnetically turned away from one another; nothing is said

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