Holiday Boutique: Always Unique

Each year, the Holiday Boutique provides SLS students, families, and faculty the opportunity to shop for affordable holiday gifts right here on the hilltop while simultaneously supporting non-profit organizations. Helping those in need simply by shopping- what could be better? This year, sixteen groups- both SLS student led clubs and outside organizations alike- will be setting up booths in the new dining commons after school on Monday, December 5th from 3-5 pm and offering a variety of gift options for sale. The revenue generated from these gifts will benefit the causes of their respective organizations. There will also be a delicious assortment of snacks and treats to indulge in while shopping. Here is a brief summary of the organizations that plan on selling goods at the holiday boutique and the incredible gifts available for purchase at our very own school.

Winter is coming to the Hilltop!

Beads for Life, an outside organization, is a group of impoverished, hardworking and intelligent women living in Uganda and who have a strong desire to improve their lives.  They have created a beading business and make beautiful jewelry which you can buy as a holiday gift in order to help eradicate poverty, one bead at a time.

The Block Island Nature Conservancy works with many individuals and an assembly of conservation organizations to protect Block Island’s natural beauty and resources.  Our very own Monika and Julia Gabriele have been resourceful in creating some unique and beautiful gifts which you will be able to purchase in order to aid what the Block Island Nature Conservancy has named “one of the original “Last Great Places” in the Western Hemisphere.”

The Environmental Club, which consists of SLS high school students dedicated to supporting the Environment, plans on selling “elephantastic” bracelets to support the International Elephant Foundation, which works to “support conservation, education and research of the world’s elephants with a commitment to affect positive change through the facilitation of elephant conservation and sound scientific investigation resulting in the protection of elephants for future generations.” The Environmental Club stresses that elephants are incredible species of endangered animals and fully encourages you to spend a few extra dollars on a bracelet to help reach the $200 required to officially sponsor an elephant in need.

The Foundation 4 Orphans, another outside non profit organization, is dedicated to supporting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of orphans by providing suitable housing, opportunities for education, spiritual guidance, social support, and life skills.  F4O is selling specially blended “Love and Peace” Aromatherapy bath salts and fine loose teas.  ALL proceeds from these gifts will be used to fund the building of new orphanage in Mozambique.

Free the Children seeks to free children from poverty and exploitation.  Through domestic empowerment programs and leadership training, Free The Children inspires young people to develop as socially conscious global citizens and become agents of change for their peers around the world.  Our very own SLS chapter of Free the Children will be selling delicious holiday cookie mixes suitable for gift giving.

Heifer International donates revenue-generating animals to families in need and teaches them how to raise their animals in a way that will support their families and care for the environment. In order to raise money for this organization, the Saint Luke’s sixth grade is selling cards they created featuring whimsical designs of animals that Heifer donates, such as cows and chickens.

Good Shepherd Orphanage, located in Ghana, houses and educates many orphaned children in Ghana.  Saint Luke’s fifth grade is developing a relationship with the orphanage through art and videoconferencing, and through doing so have decided to make holiday ornaments to help the children living there.

Karuna Charitable Foundation Supports educational and nutritional needs of children around the globe in economically challenged areas through compassionate giving.  The Karuna Charitable Foundation will be selling T-shirts to help fund nutritional needs

Kids Helping Kids, an organization started by SLS student Lexi Kelley ’14 and Jennifer Kelley touches many communities throughout the world by raising money and awareness around a variety of issues. Kids Helping Kids will be selling hand made hats knitted by KHK members and elder partners at Sunrise Assisted Living in order to benefit Nica Photo.

Nica Photo is an organization that uses photography and the arts to support a children’s community center in Nagarote, Nicaragua.  Ms. Yankura and students have donated images and jewelry to be sold in support of the center.  Mr. Lynch is also contributing some handmade pottery to the Nica Photo fundraising effort.  These beautiful works of art will make very special gifts for family and friends alike.

Seraphim 12 Foundation is dedicated to stopping abuse, neglect and unnecessary horse slaughter.  Saint Luke’s student Amanda Benoliel ’14 is helping The Seraphim 12 Foundation through the sale of horse ornaments and bracelets.

Simply Smiles has initiated a number of significant projects in Oaxaca, Mexico and Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota that have helped impoverished families and children live better lives. To help the people of Oaxaca develop self-sufficiency, they have been growing their own coffee, which is being sold at the boutique by Ms. Goldschmidt, Grace Hennemuth ’15 and other members of our Oaxaca team. All of the money raised will go directly to the coffee growers.

Sister City Project: The greater Norwalk Area is partnered with Nagarote, Nicaragua to promote sustainable community development with a particular focus on at-risk youth.  Representatives from the Sister City Project are selling fair traded crafts, some of which are made by the youth in their project themselves.

The St. Luke’s School Store, a perennial favorite, will provide an opportunity for students to buy friends and relatives some warm SLS gear.  All proceeds will benefit the efforts of the SLS Parent Association.

Threads of Hope, a non profit organization brought back by popular demand, will be selling fairly-traded clothing and accessories hand-woven by Mayan women’s weaving cooperatives in Guatemala.

Last but not least, the Wolf Conservation Center, located in South Salem, NY, is an organization dedicated to the reintroduction and protection of wolves in the wild.  Every year the sixth grade class at SLS learns about wolves and supports their work through calendar sales.

Caroline Hopkins, School News Editor

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