Model UN Club Hits the Ground Running

The St. Luke’s Model UN Club was successfully resurrected last weekend when nine students traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to participate in the 2011 Brown Simulated United Nations (BOSUN). While it was necessary to reorganize the St. Luke’s MUN Club this year, due to the efforts of Sam Posner, Sam Levy, and Mrs. Yavenditti, MUN is back on campus. The nine students who attended Brown’s BOSUN participated in highly energized debates, which attracted hundreds of high-schools from as far away as Guatemala and Ireland.

Any apprehension on the part of the St. Luke’s students that the conference would be a “festival of mass geekery” was completely dispelled by the opening ceremony. The assembly proved to be much more energetic than expected and before the team had any time to mill around, it was off to the first conference. The SLS MUN group was split up and sent to different committees to discuss interesting issues. Every SLS student was a delegate for either Honduras or the new nation of South Sudan. Sam Posner later said that “being a delegate for South Sudan was especially interesting because the newly formed nation has few diplomatic allies or enemies. It was up to me to decide my country’s stance on many social and economic issues.”

While the MUN sessions were long, they were thought-provoking, vibrant, and interspersed with frequent breaks. During these breaks students were free to play Frisbee, explore Brown, or even venture off campus to check out the rest of Providence. There was even a party on Saturday night, which affirms the recently discovered axiom, “MUN parties hard.”

Come Sunday morning, BOSUN was winding down. While the conference had been a fun two days of spirited dialogues and constant deliberation, it was also tiring and required every last ounce of energy from participants. The St. Luke’s MUN club left Providence exhausted, yet extremely satisfied with its weekend. Although their classmates might have hung out with friends, met new people, and maybe even visited a college, the MUN club was able to do all of those things while simultaneously deciding the fate of the free world.

-Mac Zech, Staff Writer 

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One Response to Model UN Club Hits the Ground Running

  1. samposner

    November 30, 2011 at 1:09 am

    BUSUN was a lot of fun! Model UN is here to stay – we’ll be sending freshmen and sophomores to another conference in the spring.

    Providence is in Rhode Island, by the way.

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