Noises Off: Spot On

Sardines anyone? How about half a dozen doors? Both you say? Well how about Noises Off? Yes this play has it all: doors and sardines. And if you could possibly want more, there’s drama, suspense, British accents, bloody noses, rotating sets, and humor galore. Noises Off! is a play within a play about every actor’s greatest nightmare: a totally botched performance!  In the words of part time stage member and full time fan, Lexi Zargar, “Noises Off was a production unlike anything St. Luke’s has ever showcased. Between constant running around and hilarious quips, there was never a dull moment. It was easy to see that each and every actor put their heart and soul into the play. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

From Left: Emma Citron, Malcolm Joung, Zach Batson, Colin McIntire, Sanjana Chintalapudi, Clare Livingston, Emily Bergmann, Thomas Hecker, Patrick Quinn

The chemistry on stage was visible in every act and the actors’ portrayal of the boundless Monte Python-slapstick humor was spot on. You could see the heart in the performance — the sideways smirks when they nailed a comic piece, a flush of pride when the audience laughed. Zach Batson, Emily Bergmann, Colin McIntire, Sanjana Chintalapudi, Thomas Hecker, Patrick Quinn, Emma Citron, Clare Livingston, and Malcolm Joung made up the star-studded cast. Each actor played a character playing another character, which is no easy task. The SLS cast portrayed a fictional cast trying to make a sinking play float, but the fictional actors’ clumsy actions, ditzy brains, and interweaving, overly dramatic personal lives can’t help but seep into the performances. As it turns out, the real play took time to work out as well – fortunately, it worked much better on the Seldin Performing Arts Center stage than on the fictional stage, thanks to directors Mr. Anglin and Mrs. Doran.

Emily Bergmann, who portrayed Belinda Blaire, says “Noises Off is a really complicated show, and we as a cast surely had our share of frustrating days, but it was definitely worth it. Everything clicked and the gears started turning by opening night. Even with the physical strain that came with it, we all had a lot of fun during the performances.” The gears most certainly turned and the people definitely clicked, so job well done to the cast and crew of Noises Off!

-Britt Viergever, Contributing Writer

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