Embattled Italian Prime Minister to Resign

A month ago, the Sentinel reported on the Italian government’s attempt to censor the Internet. At that time, it was speculated that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had brought forward the bill in an attempt to improve his public image.

Mr. Berlusconi, the prime mover in Italian politics for almost two decades, has now announced his willingness to retire…with a few conditions.

In a statement, Berlusconi offered his conditional resignation, contingent on the Italian parliament’s acceptance of new EU directives aimed to prevent an Italian economic meltdown. Italy, second of the economically at-risk “PIGS” (Portugal-Italy-Greece-Spain), has been worrying the European Central bank since the recent preliminary bargain with Greece.

Controversial Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi

Once Berlusconi has resigned, the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, will open talks with the leaders of the major parliamentary parties in order to negotiate the formation of a new government. If unable to successfully engineer a compromise, Mr. Napolitano plans to dissolve parliament and call a general election.

There was no timetable attached to the resignation, and thus there is no date upon which Berlusconi will be required to vacate the Palazzo Chigi. Indeed, some analysts suggest that this may well be little more than a plan on Berlusconi’s part to bolster public approval. By tying himself to the EU reforms, Berlusconi is also setting himself up for a resurgence in popularity, which has waned as scandal after scandal have been trumpeted by the Italian media.

Even if defeated, Berlusconi may very well intend to run in the next general election, if the infamously fractious nature of the Italian parliament fails to engineer a working government.

Corruption charges remain filed against Berlusconi. No word has been given as to when he will appear in court.

– Sebastian Bates, World News Correspondent

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