Halloween Postponed Until Nov. 5th

Jack-O-Lanterns statewide are shivering after Saturday's storm

This week’s strange weather has done more than just cause general confusion and widespread power outages; it’s canceled a holiday. Some towns in Fairfield County have gone ahead and postponed Halloween until next Saturday, including Norwalk, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Wilton, and Westport. The postponement was announced this morning through a series of town-wide phone calls and local government website updates. The danger in trick-or-treating with downed trees and power lines is apparent, but it’s funny to think that a holiday can actually be postponed. In fact, this is the only time in recent memory something of the sort has happened. However, some young citizens are bucking the system; reports have it that many kids have decided to brave the streets, in spite of warnings from the authorities. And while no one wants to be the one to tell eager trick-or-treaters that their fun has been postponed, some households seem to be taking the initiative. Senior Danny Serrano recently posted a picture on Twitter of his father holding up a sign which reads,  “GO AWAY!! HALLOWEEN HAS BEEN CANCELED GO AWAY! BOO!” In light of the postponement, it can only be assumed that parents would take a chance to enjoy a quiet Monday night to themselves. However, some St. Luke’s Upper Schoolers, close to adulthood as they may be, can’t help but feel a little let down. Kai Burton ’14 said that she wanted to “dress up and get candy from strangers.” Disappointed she may be, at least Kai is following the rules and staying safe, unlike some neighborhood rebels. In any case, in the face of the post storm dangers students should stay inside and make sure to, in the words of Steve Kress, “Stay safe. Stay functional.”

-Emily Bergmann, Contributing Writer

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