The Beauty of Difference – A Student Perspective

Senior Kai Burton

Senior Kai Burton

As a  follow up to last week’s guest post by Stephanie Bramlett, please read this personal quote from SLS Senior Kai Burton. Kai attended the December 2013 NAIS People of Color Conference and Student Diversity Leadership Conference.






Attending the SDLC last year was one of the most pivotal moments in my

life. It was the very first time I realized how large and beautifully different the

private school world is. I didn’t feel like I was a part of a minority, but rather, part of

something bigger than race, ethnicity, socio-economics, gender, sexual orientation,

religion, etc. When I was there, those things didn’t matter. Knowing that no one

there was the same was comforting to me.”


Kai hit upon a key belief those of us committed to diversity and inclusion share: It’s a large and beautifully different world. Schools that pursue and celebrate those differences better prepare students for the future and deliver a richness of experience not otherwise possible. My deepest thanks to Kai and Dr. Bramlett for eloquently widening my lens.