Visionaries on the Hilltop

This is the second in our Visionaries on the Hilltop series. See first post.

Earlier this week, St. Luke’s Board of Trustees gathered to listen and learn. We had the rare opportunity to hear about an incredible moment in business history—directly from the history makers:  Aris Kekedjian and Dan Janki.

Aris, a St. Luke’s parent, leads General Electric’s Mergers & Acquisitions/Business Development Team and Dan, a former SLS parent (prior to relocating to Atlanta), is senior vice president of GE and the Treasurer of GE and GE Capital. The two recently led GE’s unprecedented and highly-publicized sale of $260 billion in financial assets.

Bloomberg called their initiative “The most sweeping transformation in General Electric Co.’s 123-year history,” and hailed “the speed and shrewd bargaining behind one of the boldest corporate overhauls ever.” (Monty Python to Project Hubble)

I asked Aris and Dan to address our board and administrators because as Aris said, “This is a story of leadership. This is a story of teamwork.”  While St. Luke’s and GE are not peers, we share a focus on excellence and innovation. Learning from other industries is one way St. Luke’s stays ahead of the curve and facing the future.

Aris Kekedjian (left) and Dan Janki at Board Meeting

Aris Kekedjian (left) and Dan Janki at St. Luke’s Board Meeting


As expected, the night contained valuable leadership lessons. My favorites …

Move Fast: “Speed is everything” said Aris. Dan added: “When you move quickly and people start seeing results, confidence and momentum build.”

Be Transparent: Originally the pair thought they could move faster if only a small group knew the plan. In Dan’s words, “We soon learned that when everybody has the same information,  it empowers the heck out of them. Good things happen.”

Have Mission Clarity: The two agree this is the most vital element of their success. Per Aris: “The first lesson in life is that things don’t go as they should. But if your mission is clear, you can triumph.”

I am awed and enriched by the leaders among us at St. Luke’s. Thank you Aris & Dan.

P.S. Aris shared his leadership insights with students this fall as part of the Center for Leadership Lunch & Lead series.