NAIS: Think Big, Think Great

Ever since returning from last week’s National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) conference, I’ve tried (and failed) to find an hour to to sit down and share some of my key take-aways with you. Aptly themed, Think Big, Think Great, this year’s conference featured remarkable speakers, including Jim Collins, author of many leadership books such as my personal favorites Good to Great and Great By Choice.  Just as I prepared to try and distill the big, great thinking I heard over my three days at NAIS, I came across Beth Yavenditti’s post on the Center for Leadership blog and found that she’d beat me to the punch (hallelujah!).

Enjoy Beth’s Reflections on NAIS. Her excellent summary made me think of one of Collins’ well-known sayings: “Make sure you have the right people on the bus.” In other words, surround yourself with smart and dedicated people, in the right jobs, and you will be poised for greatness.

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