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June 6, 2012

Time to Reflect

Over and over again I see leadership gurus urging us to take time to pause, reflect, review, and process in order to gain new understanding and become better going forward.  The natural rhythms of the school year provide us this opportunity every June, of course – yet another reason to value the teaching profession.

Still, other professions value such reflection opportunities just as much as we do – some even more so.  It can literally be a matter of life-or-death. Or such was my thinking recently when I read the NYT article discussing West Point’s current debate on the value of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.  They don’t mess around with this, either.  Here’s one passage that caught my eye in particular:

At West Point the arguments are more public than those in the upper reaches of the Pentagon, in large part because the military officers on the West Point faculty pride themselves on academic freedom and challenging orthodoxy.

It’s heartening to know that our military leaders place such a tremendous importance on the open discussion, debate, and reflection in order to process the lessons learned from a decade spent in conflict and provide us with concrete understandings to build on as a nation.

The Center for Leadership will be spending time in reflection, too – it may not be a matter of life and death, but after completing our inaugural year we certainly recognize the importance of looking back at all we achieved as individuals and a community, and cherish the opportunity to build and improve.  We’ve kept copious notes throughout the year on our experience, and as we look ahead to continuing to grow a program that helps every single student learn to  “find their voice and make a difference,” we’ll share some of these reflections with you here in this blog.  I hope you’ll feel welcome to sharing your own thoughts here with us, too.


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